Restorative Justice PSA in the works at Intersections Media #arttherapy

Intersections Media Opportunities for Youth Society: filmmaking/visual art/life skills training program 


We had the honor of filming Laura Mack last week as part of our Restorative Justice Project!

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Intersections Media Opportunities for Youth Society JOB POSTING:

Participant in filmmaking/visual art/life skills training program

[paid position- MINIMUM WAGE]

INTAKE 1 April 16- May 17, 2012- completed.

INTAKE 2 May 28 – June 28, 2012- completed.

INTAKE 3 July 9 – August 9, 2012-  completed.

INTAKE 4 AUG 20- SEPT 20, 2012- completed.

INTAKE 5 OCT 1- NOV 1, 2012- completed.

INTAKE 6 NOV 12- DEC 13, 2012- full.

We are currently interviewing applicants for:

INTAKE 7 JAN 14- FEB 14, 2013 – 2 of 6 spots available

INTAKE 8 FEB 25- MAR 28, 2013- 6 of 6 spots available


•  Participate in 5 week filmmaking/ creative arts/ life skills training program while earning minimum wage!

• Group of 6 keen students learn all aspects of filmmaking (with key instructor, filmmaker Fred Thorsen) and participate in therapeutic art activities from journaling, drawing to sock monkeys (with youth coordinator/art therapist Kat Thorsen)

•  Participate in life skills and employment skills training

•  Must attend fully, and be on time, and be respectful of peers and venue

•  Will produce (as a group) Public Service Announcement for a non-profit organization

•  Will produce individual bio videos

•  Program runs 5 weeks Monday-Thursdays 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM


•  Must express keen interest in filmmaking and creative arts (no previous experience necessary)

•  Some computer skill is helpful

•  Self-motivation is key

•  Applicant has faced barriers to employment

Must be between ages 19-29 (location of program is upstairs at District 319, a 19+ event venue)

• Must have social insurance number


Please get a referral and a case number from employment agency then call Katarina to arrange an interview.  Or contact youth coordinator, Katarina (Kat), directly to arrange interview and visit employment centre afterwards get a referral form upon acceptance to program.  If you have taken a previous Skills Link Program, you may or may not be eligible.  Please consult with your case manager!



604 488 4348 (leave message)

4 thoughts on “Restorative Justice PSA in the works at Intersections Media #arttherapy

  1. I always love having an opportunity to connect with your students and to be able to share what I’m learning about restorative justice was an honour for me. Thanks for inviting me!

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