First week of Session 4 at Intersections Media done already! #arttherapy #atriskyouth

A great new group of six students have joined us as of Feb 27 and we’ve had a fabulous time so far.  Lots of journaling, sock monkeys, and introduction to filmmaking and the editing process.  We have also connected with Projecting Change to create a PSA and welcomed life skills coach Nancy Kirkpatrick in to help the students create their objectives for the course.

Intersections Media Opportunities for Youth Society combines film/visual art/life skills for youth 19+ who face barriers to employment.  Go to: 

We are currently doing interviews and accepting applications for spots in SESSION 5 starting in April (date to be confirmed).

The student receives minimum wage for the 5 weeks and a session runs Mon-Thurs 9:30 – 5:30 within District 319 building (Main and Cordova).  If you are a youth between 19-28 and would like to arrange an interview for upcoming sessions, visit your local employment counselor or contact Katarina directly at

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BladeRunners is a Province of British Columbia employment program that helps at-risk youth between ages 15-30 build careers in construction. The Province of British Columbia is the steward of the program and the Aboriginal Community Career Employment Services Society [ACCESS] manages the program.

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