Sock Monkey Monthly on the radio!

Hannah and Kat had a great time at Sound Therapy Radio (on CJSF at Simon Fraser University).  We spent an hour with fabulous host- Jay Peachy discussing our work and making a monkey (which now resides at the station) and the hour was shared with the amazing Diane Reyes, who shared her beautiful voice and songs.  All in all- a wonderful time!!!  Kat’s brother, Fredrik, filmed the whole thing- video coming soon!


Listener feedback: “I loved the radio show last night! I started out packing for my Seattle trip and tidying up while I listened, but I got so into it I sprawled out on my bed and got comfy with pillows, enjoying almost an hour of relaxed bliss as I gazed up at the ceiling and got lost in the broadcast! Truly outstanding!!!” – S.S.

Monkey, Hannah, Jay, Kat, Diane

One thought on “Sock Monkey Monthly on the radio!

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